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About Us 

Welcome to ASLI - an institution dedicated to steering African Leadership in Space. We are committed to harnessing Space science for African socio-economic development.

About Us

Finding Inspiration in Shaping Africa's Future

We are a group of passionate individuals  who understand the value proposition of space science and technology in addressing the socio-economic-environmental challenges in Africa. We bring over 70 years of collective technical experience and proven leadership to the African space sector...

Our Story

Each of the co-Founders have unique stories on how they came to the space sector, but we share common experiences of having worked within national space programmes and have also assisted in shaping the African space agenda.

We are passionate about what we do and this is evident in the many successes we can lay claim to. Our work and work ethic is well recognised both in Africa and internationally, and this has also helped us to build significant networks in the global space sector.

Meet The Team


Ade Abiodun

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Ade has extensive experience in space applications, space policy and diplomacy.


Lulu Makapela

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Lulu has extensive experience in the implementation of space policy and law initiatives.


Etim Offiong

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Etim has extensive experience in satellite communication and navigation, and space policy research.

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Val Munsami

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Val has extensive policy and strategy experience and has managed major space infrastructure projects.

Steering African Leadership in Space

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