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African Space Policy & Strategy


5 Weeks

Start Date

02 Nov 2023

About the Course

This course is a thorough examination of the African outer space programme within the context of the global space enterprise. The course contains lectures and discussions on the conceptualisation, drafting process and adoption of the African Space Policy and Strategy. These are examined within the context of the present and emerging international space governance system.

This course is aimed at equipping African professionals with information, knowledge and skills, to make the best space decisions, policies, strategies and programmes, while taking cognizance of limited available resources and the geopolitical environment. Join our next class!



Module 1: A Primer on Outer Space

Module 2: International Space Governance

Module 3: A Primer on Space Policy Making

Module 4: The African Outer Space Programme



Nov 2: The Outer Space Environment

Nov 3: Satellites and Orbits

Nov 9: UN Treaties, Principles and Resolutions

Nov 10: Norms, Principles and Guidelines

Nov 16: Principles of Drafting Space Policy and Strategy

Nov. 17: Africa, Pan-Africanism and the AU

Nov 23: Agenda Setting and Decision Making in the AU

Nov 24: Drafting of the African Space Policy and Strategy

Nov 30: AU Space Programmes

Dec. 1: Space Governance in Africa



3-4:30pm Pretoria time



Online Learning Management System (LMS)



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