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ASLI Assists Kenya in the Development of their National Space Policy

The Kenyan Space Agency hosted a national conference themed "Space Capabilities for National Development" in Nairobi, Kenya, last week between 15 and 17 June 2022.. The event aimed to bring together industry, government representatives, policy makers, academia, representatives of space agencies and international organizations, young professionals and the general public. The purpose was to provide a forum for exchange of ideas and hold discussions on space opportunities, use of space applications for socio-economic development, showcase technologies and applications, projects and innovations; provide networking opportunities and create linkages.

Apart from delivering a Keynote Address on the Role of Space Agencies in Developing Countries, ASLI participated in two other panel discussions, namely, (i) Enabling Space Law and Policy for a Vibrant Space Ecosystem, and (ii) Collaboration and Partnerships in the Space industry. All in all, the Conference was a major success attracting more than 1000 attendees, with over 100 participants in various panel sessions, and far exceeding the expectations of the organisers. There was also an impressive array of exhibitors and most promising quite a number of entrepreneurs from Kenya showcasing the impressive work they are doing. Kenya is certainly a strategic partner of choice to watch for.

ASLI also had the great pleasure of spending a day and a half on Monday and Tuesday last week working with the officials of the Kenyan Space Agency to create awareness and understanding of the need for a national space policy and thereafter facilitating a work session on the drafting of a space policy. This work (in draft format) was presented to the Kenyan Space Agency at the end of the week for further engagements and consultation on this important instrument. This turnaround time of under a week, demonstrates that the development of a national space policy is not as complicated as it is made out to be if properly facilitated. This is certainly a strength of ASLI.

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