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ASLI Represented at GLEC2022

Updated: May 14, 2022

The International Astronautic Federation (IAF) will be hosting its second edition of the Global Conference for Emerging Countries (GLEC2022) in Quito, Ecuador, between 16 and 20 May 2022. This follows on the back of the first GLEC that was held in Marrakesh, Morocco in 2019. Both these conferences have been co-Chaired by Val Munsami, one of the co-Founders of the African Space Leadership Institute (ASLI).

GLEC2022 promised to be an exciting Conference, where the theme is on “Space Ecosystems that Bring Government, Industry and Society together”. The core focus of the Conference is on building space ecosystems in emerging countries. This is deemed vitally important to ensuring the long-term sustainability and relevance of national or regional space programmes.

The Conference will include several Plenary Sessions and Global Networking Forums that link to the central theme of the conference. In addition, two pre-conference workshops have been planned that include (i) a Space Policy Masterclass, and (ii) a Space Entrepreneurship Workshop. The Conference will also be preceded by an SGAC Meeting, which will bring together youth from across the globe.

Val Munsami will be participating in several sessions, which include moderating a panel session at the Space Entrepreneurship Workshop; participation in a Space Generation Workshop panel that focuses on Global Space Leadership; deliver a welcoming message, as one of two Co-Chairs, at the opening ceremony; a keynote address on “How to build a Space Ecosystem; and moderating a Global Networking Forum on the establishment of a Latin American and Caribbean Space Agency.

GLEC2022 holds much interest for ASLI, as much of the discussions set to take place at the Conference is central to the mandate of the Institute and we are keen in following and building on the outcomes of this Conference.

Edited by the ASLI team

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