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Introducing......... ASLI!!!!!!!

We are live, and we are on wix too. If you are reading this, or you got the notification well welcome to the African Space Leadership Institute (ASLI). We are a think thank, made up of policy makers, strategists, experts, who have been involved in the African and International Space Industry for a number of years. One of our objectives is to become a foremost think tank in Africa, and to also train, educate, support the growth and development of space activities in Africa and beyond!.

We have a number of events, webinars, and our soon to be launched space policy course which will take place next month. You can see the flier below. If you want to attend the training which will be held virtually please send an email to

We have held webinars on diverse topics from space sustainability and the threat of anti satellites and the use of satellite for internet connectivity in Nigeria with the introduction of Starlink in Nigeria. You can head over to our you tube page and watch the videos.

If you would like to attend our next webinar please click on this link and sign up for the next webinar.

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